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As a business, you are providing solutions and resolving others' challenges. Upworx is ready to make your business and it’s mission our top priority. We want to bring you the smoothest running operation we can, so that you can be the business you need, for all the people who rely on the great work you do every day.

Whatever your field of business, it's vital to establish the initial basic IT infrastructure that can gradually evolve with the pace of your company's growth. Upworx strives to provide a "one-stop-shop" resource for SMBs: developing your IT infrastructure; acting like your in-house pool of resources, providing you the support you need.

Managed Service Provider

Our fully managed service software takes care of everyday issues that come up, implements preventative maintenance, and automates different tasks for us. This software keeps us closely involved with the problems going on with your system, but takes out wasted time that you spend worrying how to keep your business running steadily.

Anti-Virus Service

Partnering with Malwarebytes, our preferred anti-virus software, we give your system real-time protection 24/7.  

Full Cloud Backup

We provide a cloud backup, also known as a online backup. Everyone should backup their systems regularly, however, with us you will have the extra security of knowing all your information is stored safely with us in case something happens. 

Instant Remote Support

For the times when we can't be on-site, we use remote support. This allows us to remotely access and control the desktop of your computers and servers from anywhere. 

Hardware/OS Monitoring

With our managed software services, we are able to monitor the efficiency and overall performance of your system to know immediately if something is wrong and needs attention.  


We will always provide our best advice for how to upkeep your IT infrastructure, and keep your business running smoothly, within your budget. 


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We have just recently switched all of our commercial clients over from PC Touchup, to now being managed by Upworx, the official company for all business services. Now, PC Touchup will only service residential work, and Upworx will purely be the side of our business that covers our commercial clients.  

We're so happy that we now have a company purely dedicated to giving quality business IT services for all of our customers.

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